Zoology Careers

Are you ready to start one of the many zoology careers?


Zoology is a subject that is studied by thousands of animal lovers every year and as you can imagine opens the doors to a huge list of zoology careers for their future lives. For those who are not fluent with zoology, In essence it is the study of animals both in and out of their natural habitat, and covering various different species of animals both on and off land.

A person studying zoology will learn everything there is to know about an animal including where they began, their behaviors, interactions, how they live, how they survive and how they develop and adapt as the world continues to change. People who pursue a zoology career post study will often find themselves being referred to as an animal scientist, animal biologist or something alike.

Some people aren’t too sure on what zoology careers they would like to start after graduation from one of the many zoology colleges.

Here are some of the zoology careers that you can choose from:

Animal Researcher

Zoology Careers - Leopard in Delhi ZooIf you take up a job as an animal researcher you will of course be required to research various different animals. It one of the great zoology careers for those who want to continue to learn about animals even after they have conducted their studies. This type of job is usually held at an academic institution or a private research company. More often than not you will find that you later have to teach any unique information you find about an animal to others around you and possibly write an article to be published.

Here is a detailed list of things you might be required to do; conduct experiments, find new data about an animal, solve any problems that are found through research, breed and raise animals, dissect animals and preserve the bodies, analyze objects with computers or other equipment, prepare specimens for study, research in a natural environment, collect and archive animals, write journals or give a speech and prepare documents to get external funding for research.


Conservation companies are there to look at animals around most regions of the world. The most common activities related to these zoology careers involve looking at different regions, what is currently happening in the area and the affect it is having on the wildlife and their survival. You would be required to report back any findings especially if you noticed something dramatically affecting an animal’s lifestyle. A good example of this is reporting on those who are knocking down a forest and what it is doing to the animals that once called it home.

Animal Behaviorist

An Animal Behaviorist works with people who wish to interact with animals directly during their full-time job, such as a zoo keeper. They are highly trained in animal behavior (also known as ethology) and know how to treat and care for animals along with what to do if the animal is “not happy”. Out of the many zoology careers this one required a particularly great amount of knowledge as people’s lives are at risk if not taught properly.


Wildlife Rehabilitator

This job out of the many zoology careers is one that is definitely suitable for those who cannot stand to see an animal hurt. As you can probably imagine the main roles of a wildlife rehabilitator include looking after and caring for ill or injured animals, getting the animal back to a level of health where it can survive on its own then release it back to the wild. This is not a job for those who find themselves getting emotionally attached as over time you will meet thousands of new friends that you can easily become attached too; however sadly you always have to say good bye. Besides caring for the animals you may also be required to contact agencies to acquire some form of funding for your operations.

Animal Educator

Zoology CareersThe title of this job is quite self-explanatory; as an Animal Educator you will be required to teach others what you know about animals. The most common places these zoology careers are offered are museums or wildlife parks where new customers are always going to need some information on the species around them. This is one of the zoology careers where you will have to explore an animal’s entire life style and really learn as much as you possibly can. Other duties you might be faced with include preparing presentations, learning materials and even buying new animals for the venue.

Zoo Curator or Zoo Keeper

Zoo curators and Zoo keepers both work for a zoo however only one is required to be there all of the type. Zoology careers such as a zoo curator aren’t too exciting when it comes to animal interaction; however you will have the task of purchasing new animals and bringing them to the zoo.

Being a Zoo Keeper is possibly one of the most fascinating zoology careers around. You will be the animals life line and in essence their only real friend whilst they reside in the zoo. The Zoo Keeper is responsible for making sure the animal can live and be happy. This involves activities such as making meals, caring for animals, cleaning habitats, making sure that all of the animals are of good health, training and grooming, monitoring behavior and talking to visitors about your jobs activities.

Is a career in zoology right for you?

If you love animals and have a lifelong dream of working with them in a friendly environment then there is no reason why a career in zoology is not right for you. The great thing the choice is that there is a huge range of jobs available as shown above. No matter what your true ambition or skills are there is sure to be a job that can fit well with your knowledge and personality. Zoology Careers not only complete the dream of working with animals, most of them also offer you the chance to gain amazing companions that you’d never dreamed of having before.