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The Benefits of a Zoology Degree


If you have a passion for natural science and animals, then looking in to obtaining a zoology degree might be a great option for you. Whether you would like to work with wildlife or be employed at an environmental consulting firm, a zoology degree can give you the knowledge and credentials you need to achieve a variety of career paths, especially if you choose to pursue it to an advanced zoology degree level. Here is a brief guide on the benefits of a zoology degree, as well as a bit of information on what to expect when getting started on this exciting path full of opportunity.

Choosing Zoology as a Major.

You can usually earn a bachelor’s degree in zoology within 4 years. If you want to go a bit further, however, a master’s will take another one or two years, while a doctoral zoology degree will add another two or three years on top of that. Typically, those wanting to specialize in zoology will begin with a biology major, then move into more specific courses having to do with animal sciences. Since zoology isn’t simply about caring for animals, you will be required to take a vast array of courses in order to learn about ecosystems and biology at the molecular level.

When taking classes to further your zoology degree education, you can expect to learn the following skills: animal anatomy and phylogeny, biology theory, problem solving, communication, statistics, and critical thinking, just to name a few. You can also choose from a wide range of more advanced courses, depending upon which path you’d like to pursue, such as: neurobiology, endocrinology, cell biology, and comparative nutrition.

During your education, it is widely recommended that you have some real world experience in your field before graduating with a zoology degree. An internship, summer job, or co-op (by which you attend school one semester and work the next), are all great ways to get a feel for you future profession before leaving school.

What Professions Involve a Zoology Degree?

Zoology Degree- Choosing Zoology as a Major.A Zoology degree has the potential to open up a variety of professions to you. A common misconception is that zoology graduates merely work with animals in a zoo or work in the wild with endangered species. Though these are career choices that are available to them, those that obtain their degree in Zoology, especially those that earn advanced degrees, have a plethora of possibilities.

A good number of zoologists work in governmental agencies, mainly in the area of conservation, agriculture, and wildlife management, while most tend to find jobs teaching and carrying out research at the college level. In addition, some work for pharmaceutical companies or do laboratory work. Those that choose to work in a lab typically dissect animal specimens and analyze tissue samples under a microscope to gain a better understanding of diseased or flawed genetic structures.

An entirely different zoology degree career path, one which is usually thought of when the word zoologist comes to mind, is that having to deal directly with the care for or observation of animals. By obtaining an advanced zoology degree you can choose to work in a zoo to ensure the well being of the various species there, such as monitoring their diet or helping to advise on improvements within their habitat, or possibly even taking charge of their immediate medical needs. In addition to zoos, wildlife observation is yet another choice for a zoology degree. In this particular field you can research animals in their natural habitat and study their mating practices, group dynamics, and typical life span, amongst other things. Also, zoologists can obtain jobs at museums, especially those dealing with natural history.

The Life of a Zoologist.


Zoology Degree - The Life of a Zoologist.The average income of Zoologist today is around $50,000 per year, though those who have received a doctoral zoology degree have the chance to make a fair bit more. The life of a Zoologist can be an exciting one, especially if you decide upon travelling out into the lush rainforests of central Africa to view the chimpanzee in its home or have the opportunity to work with a variety of species in the zoo you happened to frequent as a child.

Of course, not all of those who obtain a Zoology degree live a life of adventure. Most live perfectly normal lives and simply go to work at a lab each day or teach four classes a day at a university. However, regardless of their chosen career path, Zoologists have the potential to make relatively good money each year and the knowledge to do any number of professions in their field should they decide to change careers.

Many Zoologists will choose a specific animal or species to work with, and will specialize in the care or study of that particular group. For instance, some Zoologists might decide to become experts in the field of primates, especially gorillas, and will devote their time and effort to learning all they can about their behavior, breeding habits, and dietary choices. By doing this, they can then better serve the needs of their specific species and gather more accurate and pertinent data to ensure the future of that animal. Essentially, it’s an example of the old saying, you’d rather not become a jack of all trades and a master at none.

The Future of Zoology.

The wonderful thing about earning a zoology degree is that there will always be a need for Zoologists, whether it be in the private sector or the governmental level. In fact, due to the increased interest in conservation, more and more Zoologists are being employed by the government to help in their efforts to preserve the environment and various endangered species. However, technology is becoming a big part of the field, so knowledge of computers and how to utilize them to aid your research or collection of date is imperative.

If you are thinking about earning a Zoology degree, then keep in mind that it will involve quite a bit of schooling and hard work, but the rewards for most are well worth it in the long run.

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